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Glendale tennis courts are now open

for members to play with social distancing rules

Glendale Community Tennis Court Rules

Singles tennis is permitted with social distancing measures. Doubles tennis with members outside your household is not allowed at this time.

• If you have any symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, etc), stay home and isolate.
• Bring your own hand sanitizer and or gloves to the court and be mindful when handling locks and gates that others will also use.
• Wash your hands before and after using the tennis courts.
• Keep your distance, stay away from others. Leave at least 2 metres of space between players at all times.
• If the tennis court is crowded, head to another court.
• Each player should bring differently coloured tennis balls to the court. Only pick up/touch your own colours; don’t touch your opponent’s colours.
• At the end of your match, collect your own coloured balls and wash your hands.
• Don’t shake hands after the match.

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