To say that we have all faced unusual challenges this year would be an understatement. And now as a community, Glendale faces the biggest challenge thrown its way in decades. It is also our greatest opportunity.

We are surfacing from the after-effects of a serious main line sanitary sewer backup that flooded every corner of our 5,000 square foot community hall on January 26. Treading through the hall the night of the backup was heartbreaking. Everything touched by the contaminated water has since been removed, disposed or sanitized for reuse. Drywall, cabinets, fixtures and flooring have been removed to reveal the skeleton of a building built in 1992. Our newly restored preschool lost its home for the remainder of the year while all of its contents, including furniture and school supplies, had to be junked.  

While the community hall has been largely without occupants (except for the preschool) throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, this building is still a magnet for the people of Glendale and beyond. There are many memories stored inside these walls. And now we get to make new memories.

A massive rebuild of the structure is underway that is aiming to create a new space for today’s generation of Glendale residents, incorporating their vision of what the space should be to meet their needs for the next 30 years. We are looking to implement ways to make our kitchen space and main hall better for everything from community gatherings to weddings and private social functions. Our preschool will be rebuilt, refreshed and better than ever. We have engaged volunteers from our Community Board and others in Glendale to help design a modern space that includes current accessibility standards and features that work for our community in the 2020s and beyond.

Every idea will cost money to implement. We expect a reasonable insurance settlement and are seeking construction grants from the Province of Alberta, City of Calgary and the Government of Canada. Even with those potential sources of revenue, we are launching a fundraising campaign to cover any shortfalls and to take us over the top to create a truly spectacular space for Glendale.

We are looking for support from every resident in our “I Love Glendale” hall rebuilding campaign. Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Buy a community membership. For $35 a year you support the activities and maintenance of our Glendale facilities. Click here to purchase or renew your community membership.
  2. Make a donation: Click here to donate $10 or up to $500. Any amount will be gratefully accepted.
  3. Make a corporate donation: For donors who are able to give more than $500, email
  4. Buy a cash raffle ticket: We are developing plans for a cash lottery and will announce details as soon as they are available.

Chris Welner, President

Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association