The $$$ impact you have by being a GGMCA casino volunteer is simply incredible. Your volunteer shift means thousands of dollars to the community association.

For our next casino, can we ask you to join us as a shift volunteer and help out your community??

Your single shift involvement as a volunteer actually translates to thousands of dollars in net benefit to the community association.

If you were looking for a volunteering opportunity that has the largest impact, being a casino volunteer is a sure bet.

We need 40 volunteers to support our GGMCA casino fully and are close to half committed for 2024.

“But I don’t go to casinos and wouldn’t know what to do!”

If you haven’t ever volunteered to work a casino, it’s usually a low to medium paced and sparkly adventure for a shift. We volunteer behind the scenes and work in support of the casino operations that support the dealers and players. If you have ever been curious about how casinos operate on the inside, being a casino volunteer for a shift or two at the GGMCA Casino will scratch that itch. Alberta Casinos are highly regulated entities that are fascinating to observe working. All the training you need is provided in the first 30-60 mins of your shift. Your one or two day volunteer involvement helps our community association fundraise more funds we can use to operate the community centre and provide community based programming.

You do not need to have ever gambled or been in a casino to be an effective and valuable volunteer.

This image is what AI thinks volunteers counting chips in a casino is like. It’s a close representation, smiling people talking while working. We can’t take pics in a count room so this image is just to illustrate the type of volunteer work available. Your hands will likely have the normal length and number of digits 😉

Even though a casino can normally be a busy place, sometimes casinos are not always busy throughout your shift, leaving ample opportunity to get to know fellow Glendale community volunteers during a shift.

During your volunteer shift(s) the GGMCA Casino also provides a hot meal and soft drinks, and provides parking.

Training for your volunteer role is provided at the beginning of your shift.  


For our casino we are looking for chip runners, cashiers, count room staff, alternates and backups, bankers, and managers for both days. Spots are limited and some fill fast. Previous casino volunteer experience is not required.

We need more than 40 volunteers to meet our two day commitment. Can you help out your community by volunteering for a shift?

Sign up to volunteer for the 2024 GGMCA Casino online, someone will get in touch in a few days, and we’ll see you before your volunteer shift starts on Mar 17 or 18th.

It’s fantastic Glendale community volunteers that have a huge positive impact on the operations of our community association.

The Elbow River Casino already does a fantastic job of attracting players to our casino event, where GGMCA community volunteers are needed to support the back-end operations for the two full days that our casino runs. Glendale community volunteers are crucial to our success.

Our 2024 GGMCA Casino was on Mar 17 and 18, 2024.