Dink At The Rink

GGMCA is pleased to offer our community members open pickleball play on our two rink courts, and on the practice court right adjacent to the tennis courts.

If you would like to play pickleball and you are not already a member of the Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association, you will need to buy a membership for $35, and a 2024 passkey for the season for $70, and we will add a key deposit of $20. GGMCA will refund your key deposit at the end of the season when you return the key. If you decide to play again next year, you will only need to renew the GGMCA Membership and the Season Passkey.

What is the passkey for?
The 2024 Passkey is used to access the self-serve pickleball nets, and if you need a paddle and balls, we have locked it all up in a storage locker right beside the rink. You decide you want to play, you show up at the rink, unlock the storage locker, grab a net for your court, and paddle is you need them, and set up the net and get playing. When you are done playing, you pack up the net and lock it back up in the locker.

If you are playing tennis, the 2024 passkey also gets you access to the tennis courts.

Need to get a 2024 Passkey?
New members can start here. You will need to buy all three items. After your purchase, the GGMCA Courts Coordinator will send you a welcome email with all the details you need to get dinking.

Existing community members can login to the Members Portal, and you can buy or renew your 2024 Passkey and key deposit, as you should already have a current GGMCA Community Membership. If you have a 2022 or 2023 key, you can trade that for a 2024 Passkey at the Hall during an tennis-pickleball members key exchange open house (see the events listings).

Do you still have questions? Email those to court-coordinator@myglendale.ca.

Because we live in a time when someone can be easily put off by words, here’s a definition of dink, dinking, and dinks. We just like that it rhymes with where we put the courts, at the rink. 🙂