This re-designation request will be decided at council on Monday, May 7th starting at 1pm. We strongly encourage all residents to attend the council meeting – information is found here and here.

In addition, letters submitted to the GGMCA by Thursday, May 3rd will be forwarded to our Ward office and included in the package to councillors.

Drop your letters off at the hall, or email board@myglendale.ca

The GGMCA has written a letter to council outlining our opposition to this re-designation. The letter can be found here.

In July of 2017 an application was submitted to the City to re-designate 5 single family homes along 17th Avenue SW to M-H1 zoning.

After reviewing the request and all submissions from residents, the city advised the applicant to either revise or abandon their request as the Planning & Development group would not support the re-designation change moving forward. In November, the applicant revised their request to change these R-C1 lots to M-C2 zoning.

17th Ave Lots M-H1

What is Multi-Residential – Contextual Medium Profile District (M-C2)?

M-C2 is a multi-residential designation in the developed area that is primarily for 3 to 5 storey apartment buildings.

What is going to be built if this is approved?

The process for re-designation is not tied to the process for building permits. If re-zoned to M-C2, these five lots could become home to an unknown number of dwelling units, 3-5 storeys, totaling as many as 86,999 square feet of residential space.

An example of a project built on a lot with M-C2 zoning is the Royal Kensington building, which is home to 75 condo units. In comparison with the Kensington project, the parcel in Glendale is almost double in size. If this re-designation were approved, a condo unit twice the size of this example is possible, to replace these five single family homes:Royal Kensington

The GGMCA Board has completed the Community Association Feedback Form that accompanies development requests in our neighbourhood.

Click here for more info from the City of Calgary.