After issuing a detailed team review, the Planning and Development group from the City of Calgary has recommended refusal of this application.

The applicant now has until November 10, 2017 to amend, proceed to public hearing with the refusal, or withdraw the application.

An application has been submitted to the City to re-designate 5 single family homes along 17th Avenue SW to M-H1 zoning.

17th Ave Lots M-H1

What is Multi-Residential – High Density Low Rise District (M-H1)?

M-H1 is a multi-residential designation that is primarily for 4 to 8 storey apartment buildings that may include commercial storefronts.

What is going to be built if this is approved?

The process for re-designation is not tied to the process for building permits. If re-zoned to M-H1, these five lots could become home to 110 dwelling units, as well as commercial store fronts along street level.

An example of a project similar to the scale that this zoning could allow is the St. John’s building in Kensington, which has 95 dwelling units.

St. John's Kensington

Example only.

17th Ave with M-H1.jpg

Deadline for the first round of general comments on this proposal is Sept. 6, 2017

Your community board will be submitting comments to the city that strongly oppose this significant change to single-family home zoning in Glendale.

Your comments should be submitted to the City of Calgary through the link on the next page by Sept 6.

Comments may also be submitted directly to File Manager Ryan Hall.

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