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Is Black Knot Fungus in your trees?

Is Black Knot Fungus in your trees?

This is a problem all over Calgary and Alberta. It’s in our shrubs on the community association grounds.

Now is the time to get rid of infected branches. The fungus is very distinctive and once you’ve seen it, you’ll recognize it.

It’s easily spread.

If you have Schubert Chokecherry, chokecherry, mayday tree, plum or other species from the Prunus family, it’s time to check your trees. Winter months are best to check your trees for disease or removal
of diseased branches. The trees are still a bit dormant, but hurry! so get out your pruners and loppers and cut the infected branches off and dispose of the branches in garbage bag, seal and put in black bins.

No composting.

Cut the branch with the fungus below the fungus near a branch joining the trunk. On a trunk? Cut it down.

Using sharp pruning tools, clean the tools with bleach or bleach water solution so that you don’t infect other trees.

Let’s get rid of black knot in our yards!

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