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2022-2023 GGMCA Board

The Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association is a volunteer association whose mission is to connect residents through community events, programs and stewardship of accessible neighbourhood assets. It promotes recreational and social opportunities and acts as an advocate for the community.

The Association manages a 5-acre greenspace with public amenities that include a community garden, tennis and pickleball courts, outdoor hockey and skating rinks and a 5,000 square foot community hall. The Glendale Community Hall is currently undergoing a $1.2 million renovation project scheduled for completion this summer.

Chris WelnerPresident
Amanda SaigeonVice President & Hall Rentals
Myles TrawickVice President
Terry CraigmileTreasurer
Veronika DuskaSecretary
Kendra HoroskoThumper Editor
Monika SmithMembership – Member-at-Large
Aaron ShannonWebsite Development – Member-at-Large
Michael BussoliBusiness Liaison – Member-at-Large
Mary Lynn BryanCommunity Garden – Member-at-Large
Kevin EikeRink Maintenance – Member-at-Large
Duncan CookMember-at-Large
Joe RossMember-at-Large
Keegan JankeMember-at-Large
Megan McCormickMember-at-Large
Sarah HicklingMember-at-Large
Mike MeredithMember-at-Large
Britt GrayMember-at-Large
Jodi DurantPre-School Co-ordinator
Kate WelnerSocial Media
Christopher Onyszchuk
Grant MacArthur
William French
Wendell Koning
Planning and Development Committee
last updated May 19, 2023