Two Pickleball Courts are marked out in the rink

Read the pickleball & tennis courts policies.

The Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Assoc. is pleased to offer tennis and pickleball facilities that are available to community members. The two tennis courts were resurfaced in 2022, and three pickleball courts were also added, with one court added in the tennis practice area, and two courts marked out in the rink.

A paid $70 tennis+pickleball access keypass AND $35 community membership is required. We charge a onetime key deposit of $20. 

Pickleball + Tennis @ Glendale Courts in a minute

Map indicates a pickleball court outside the tennis court, and two courts in the rink.

Contact the Glendale & Glendale Meadows Community Association for your questions about regular GGMCA membership. membership@myglendale.ca. If you already have a community membership, you can login to the membership portal to buy a new tennis/pickleball access passkey. if you ahem other questions, this can be sent to court-coordinator@myglendale.ca.

Read the tennis & pickleball courts policies.