Residential Parking Permit Program in Glendale

UPDATE DEC 4, 2023 The latest details on the residential parking permit can be found at the City of Calgary Parking web site, linked here.

UPDATE JULY 2023: The new parking charges the city had planned for parking on your street has been placed on hold until December 2023. City Hall will be back with a new idea on how to charge you for parking on your street. Make sure you register your view at 311.

If you park a vehicle on the street somewhere in Glendale, you most certainly want to make sure you are aware of upcoming changes that the City of Calgary will be imposing soon.
The new program is called the Residential Parking Permit Program.

The City of Calgary considers ‘on-street parking’ a public space resource that requires management for the benefit of all citizens. The area in purple in the map below shows how much of Glendale is affected by the RPPP100% of the community. The primary reason the entire Glendale community is affected is because of proximity of LRT, and to ensure that parking is managed for all users.

Some in Glendale will dismiss this program as a cash grab by the city and others will claim they see the city’s logic behind the program, you can decide for yourself after reviewing the current available information below. What’s coming to our neighbourhood for new parking policies will undoubtably cause discomfort to some affected Glendale residents. Physical changes are coming to parking for some residences in mid to late 2023 (dates below). Have you seen this CTV News story, ‘An obscene amount’: Anger grows over residential parking fees.

Information will likely change as the program is fully rolled out so check back to this page for the latest information we are aware of. Add this webpage to your calendar.

The area in purple is the effected area. Yes, all of Glendale is effected.

The parking situation in Glendale today.
If you have lived in Glendale for any amount of time, and especially closer to 17th Avenue SW, you will already have noticed changes to parking near your residence, with a two hour limit imposed in some places, and a permit only parking in others. If your home is situated nearer the LRT system or near a large facility that has a large need for parking, the city has implemented new policies and fees for street parking. The Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Program policies and fees were approved by City Council in January 2021.

Important RPPP dates for Glendale residents to know and remember.
• A new fee structure for all parking permits is being introduced on August 1, 2023.
See the new fee structure below.
• If your current permits expire between May 23 – September 30, 2023 and haven’t renewed as of May 23, 2023:
• Your permits will automatically be extended until September 30, 2023 and there is no need to renew at this time.
• Starting August 1, 2023, you may be able to renew or apply for and purchase a parking permit at the new fee structure.

If any of your current permits expire after September 30, 2023:
60 days before your permit expires, you may be able to renew and purchase a permit.
If your building’s permit eligibility has changed, please apply and purchase a new permit once your permits expire.

If you are applying for a new permit prior to August 1, 2023:
Your new permit will automatically expire on September 30, 2023.
Starting August 1, 2023, you may be able to renew or apply for and purchase a parking permit at the new fee structure.

If the program doesn’t/won’t work on your street??
Talk with your neighbours and obtain consensus on the effectiveness of RPPP at your location. The city has a process for modifying signage to accommodate different users on different situations.

“If RPP restrictions are no longer needed on your block, requests for modifying signs can be made by calling 311 or filling out a 311 online request. To modify existing RPP restriction signs, a parking study is required to determine occupancy. Visit for more information.”    

From the newsletter email the City of Calgary sent out May 23 to current permit holders

Parking Enforcement in Glendale
Enforcement is done two ways in Glendale.
1. The resident or owner enforces their own parking, and
2. You should report parking offences to Calgary Parking and they will look after the enforcement.

Make yourself aware of the basics about parking in Calgary. Below are the basics.

Alley parking

This is a developing issue and story in Glendale. This page will change. Email yourself this page.

This page was last updated on May 31, 2023