The all volunteer GGMCA Rink Crew gets busy making ice at the Glendale Rinks when it’s cold enough to make ice. This 2023-24 season hasn’t had too many days or nights cold enough so the rinks are a little behind being fully open. It’s been a warm start to the season.

Get your skates out!!

Rent the rink for your team practice or a private skating party. Details coming soon.

Glendale Community has a modern rink that is in use year round. In the winter skating is really popular. The community association provides installation and maintenance of the ice in and around the rink with the generous volunteer support of a Rink Crew. Did you know that a team of community volunteers looks after the rink facilities year round?

In the summer and fall, the arena area has nets out for roller hockey and lacrosse. There’s also two basketball nets on the rink. Pickleball is very popular and Glendale community members can buy a seasons passkey access to the pickleball nets and take advantage of the two courts that are marked in the rink.

If your family lives in Glendale, know that your purchase of community membership helps to support and maintain the operation of the community centre and the facilities. If you and your family are skating at the Glendale rink we really hope that you will become a member today, if you are not already.