Street Cleaning in Glendale

For 2024, street cleaning for the community of Glendale is currently scheduled for late May or June. The actual date slipped a couple of days last year so check this city sweeping site to confirm.

This year you will definitely want to make sure that you are moving your car BEFORE they start work. Find somewhere to park off-street or it will be very expensive.

The City now uses technology to fine parking violators during street cleaning. The city will not be so quick to tow your car as they have done in previous years. This year they will drive their ticketing car ahead of the street cleaners and if your car is on the street, that ticketing car captures a photo of your car and the send you a $180 ticket. What’s worse is the sweepers simply drive around your car and that spot does not get swept.

From the City of Calgary Street Sweeping page:

Street sweeping parking bans

Before a Street Sweeping Parking ban goes in effect, City crews will put up community signs with “No Parking” symbols a few days earlier at specific locations around the community. These signs are verified by Calgary Parking, who help enforce the ban. Calgarians can also sign up for e-mail/text notifications or perform the address lookup on to find out their sweeping date.

Community parking bans occur Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any vehicle that has not been removed from the street during the ban is subject to a ticket. Calgary Parking uses camera vehicles for enforcement, and tickets will arrive through the mail.

In certain areas, vehicles may also be subject to towing if the small 3-feet high “No Parking” signs are placed along the roadway. These signs will be placed at least a minimum of 24 hours prior to street sweeping.

If vehicles are towed:

  • to a nearby space, the vehicle owner will be issued a street sweeping ticket.
  • to an impound lot, the vehicle owner pays the ticket, tow, and impound fee.
  • More information will added to this page.