Court Sport Volunteers

The GGMCA Courts Coordinator is looking to build a small team of dedicated and qualified volunteers for specific pickleball + tennis events and activities in the 2024. The community association hosts these types of small events to build engagement opportunities with the residents of Glendale. Most of the volunteer opportunities involve providing information and sharing resources, and take about 2 hours your time per session. Promoting a positive and enriching and safe experience for community members using community facilities is a primary goal of any GGMCA volunteer, as we want people to have a great time at Glendale Community Centre.

There’s a need to support both tennis and/or pickleball communities but I have used pickleball in the needs described below.

For tennis, I’m searching for first for a tennis ladder and tournament expert… if you know someone, get in touch via email.

Your volunteer help can be in these three different specialties,

  1. How-To or Show-Me-How Volunteer – 3 sessions. The GGMCA Courts Coordinator will host up to 3 – 90 min “new-to-pickleball” session(s) in mid-late June and early July and is looking for two or three player volunteers to assist in the execution of each session. In this scenario you would assist a small group of workshop attendees, and help me co-host program content for how-to sessions. Ideally volunteers should have a year or two play experience, and are great listeners and comfortable demonstrators, all the curriculum needed has been collected. These are not pickleball camp sessions as much as these will be a comfy try on of new sport in easy to play bite-sized chunks idea. MMMMMMM!  (Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Wednesday night for timing)
  2. Host/Social Volunteer – ongoing. If you have recently played pickleball at some of the surrounding pop-up and community pickleball facilities nearby Glendale, you may be aware and noticed that these communities offer outdoor hosted open play pickleball. It almost has ‘scene’ status. This is done with volunteer hosts that agree to be at the courts at scheduled times, set up the nets, set up the wait area, setup a speaker for music, and greet players for a couple of hours. The GGMCA Courts Coordinator is looking for social volunteers or host leaders to host 2 hour pickleball sessions at The Rink for OPEN Play, on an ongoing or frequent basis. You can play as host but I have seen examples of drop-in hosts being very engaged in hosting the visiting players, and helping attendees understand the flow of these sessions. Some nearby facilities have grown significant numbers of players that show up to play, and these Hosts have setup a very comfortable hosted play time with music, snacks, and more. The GGMCA Board would help support developing a similar place to play in our community space.
  3. Information Volunteer at Neighbour Day. Volunteer to be an informational host of the OPEN pickleball session at the upcoming 2024 Neighbour Day Saturday June 15. GGMCA provides all the hardware and content but needs up to a 2-3 (two to three) on-site volunteers to assign and manage open equipment (paddles and balls), and answer questions about playing at the rink. No coaching is expected or needed.

What to do next if you are interested in being a court-sport volunteer.
Update your volunteer preferences in the GGMCA membership portal. Saving this update notifies me of your interest, I’ll email after that notification. You can also email and tell me what volunteer type you are. We’ll work out the opportunity through email, and a group meetup through Zoom, Webex or FaceTime. Before the events, we may meet as a group at the hall.

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