Like every community in Calgary will go through at some point in time, there’s lots of change happening with planning and development within Glendale – Glendale Meadows at the moment. The community has been and will be impacted in many different ways by the Westbrook LAP.

If you have lived in Glendale or Glendale Meadows for more than a year, you may start thinking about what it will be like to be ‘living in Glendale’ in the future. There’s been a proliferation of re-development projects in the greater community that have an impact how much more liveable our community becomes.

As the community approaches 70+ years of age, renewal is more noticeable with 40+ year old bungalows being snapped up quickly and something new is typically added.

Changes that affect the greater community can often be negotiated between the stakeholders. You are encouraged to get involved in how change comes to Glendale/Glendale Meadows.

This page should be able to connect you to the latest resources about what is happening with new developments in Glendale. (Land Use) (Residential Property Assessment) (311) (building permit info)

There are different and varied steps for getting problems solved in planning and development of our community. You will see property for sale in Glendale. For Sale signs don’t stay up for very long. The next sins you will see is someone moving in or an announcement that the property is about to experience a big change.

A list of know projects in Glendale/Glendale Meadows will be added here soon.

~ last updated May 2023

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