Tennis & Pickleball Courts Policies

Hard + Fast Rules, Expectations

The intention of this guide is to provide policies and set expectation about how the tennis + pickleball facilities can/should be used by members of the Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association.

1. The two tennis courts, and three pickleball courts are currently available on a first come-first served drop-in basis for tennis and pickleball club members. Check our web site events listing to see if a certain court is booked by a group. The courts can be booked and rented for private use.

2. At least one person playing on a tennis or pickleball court MUST BE a current community member and have the current season TENNIS/PICKLEBALL ACCESS KEY in their possession. A member can only use one (1) court at a time.

2a. A current paid member can invite up to 3 non-member guests to play tennis or pickleball but can use only one court. The member must be on the court when guests are present. Other paid members are allowed to ask whether players playing have a membership.

3. Playing time is limited to 30 minute sessions and players are expected to rotate newly arriving members into upcoming games. There are no block reservations of playing times or courts unless you are renting the courts for private use.

4. Pickleball will be played only in the rink or on the practice court outside the tennis court (see map). Pickleball CANNOT be played inside the tennis court. The tennis courts are currently for tennis only. Other activities played on and inside the tennis courts are not permitted or allowed. If you are playing anything other than tennis inside the courts, you can be asked to leave the court.

5. Play can only be during daylight hours. Be respectful of our neighbours with noise. Etiquette and Conduct expectations are spelled out in our full guide.

6. Members are expected to sweep/squeegee a court before playing if/when needed. Tools are provided and hanging in the tennis court, or stored in the pickleball storage bin. You are ensuring the playing surfaces are safe.

7. The Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Association reserves the right to amend this guide at any time. Check the web site to ensure you have the most recent version of the guide and rules for using these facilities.

8. Intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse, or any physical contact of GGMCA volunteers managing the tennis/pickleball facilities, or other players playing on the facilities will not be tolerated, and is not allowed.

The GGMCA Board reserves the right to revoke the membership of offending parties.

This guide will be updated as needed and it was last updated Mar 2024.

Report Court related issues to: