Got Purple Creeping Bellflower?

If you have creeping purple bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides), please get rid of it. This is an ‘uber’ super weed! A ‘Campanula’ gone bad. You don’t want to deal with it as a mature plant and eye to eye and really hard to eliminate. It’s a thug and listed as invasive! Across Calgary, the purple creeping bellflower has taken over, bullying […]

Is Black Knot Fungus in your trees?

This is a problem all over Calgary and Alberta. It’s in our shrubs on the community association grounds. Now is the time to get rid of infected branches. The fungus is very distinctive and once you’ve seen it, you’ll recognize it. It’s easily spread.If you have Schubert Chokecherry, chokecherry, mayday tree, plum or other species from the Prunus family, it’s […]

Urban Bobcat(s) in Glendale

By Monika Smith A sighting the other day (November 24, 2022) of a female and her kitten on Glenside Drive is not the first time that bobcats have been seen in Glendale.  Or for that matter, in Calgary. This is the smallest of the wild cats in Canada.  It belongs to the lynx genus. The biggest difference between lynx and […]