PICKLEBALL in Glendale

Pickleball is incredibly popular. (Fun Stats here)

If you live in Glendale or know someone who does, and they play pickle ball, do you/they know that there are outdoor pickleball facilities at the Glendale/Glendale Meadows Community Centre?

Two Pickleball Courts are in the rink

Best used in the warmer months, there are currently 3 nets and 3 pickleball courts that can be used by community members with the pickle ball pack added to their annual membership. There’s even paddles and outdoor balls that members can be borrow. Want to show someone how cool pBall is and don’t have the room at home?? Take them for an intro game to the Glendale Pickleball at The Rink!

So if you would like to add the Glendale Community Centre Pickleball Place as one of your PBall stops to play at, get yourself a pickleball season added to your membership and come out and dink!

If you have friends or family that lives in Glendale and pBall is their thing, consider buying them a Glendale pBall Gift Card, so they can play closer to home. A gift giving slam dunk dink!